Yellow Flowers - Digital Painting | Meelie

Yellow Flowers - Digital Painting |  Meelie
In the center of the illustration, two yellow flowers stand out prominently, surrounded by various flowers and creatures depicted in black and white.

Like most of my digital painting this started as a a doodle. I usually keep a canvas open next to me. I find drawing a great way to unpack information or clear my head. Since I was young, I used drawing as a way to cope with anxiety. Mostly social anxiety, I found comfort in the lines and shades. This was super fun to make!

The Frame

The Frame

First the eye meets the vivid hues Bright petals that preen and primp Colors so loud they leave you bruised Stealing the scene with their glint

But past the demanding blooms Lives a landscape in feathered plume Delicate, subtle, and misunderstood Waiting to share its quiet truth

So soften your palette, dull the sheen Peer into the muted depths between Where feathers frolic in monochrome dreams And meaning hides in the in-between

Do not forget the shadows that shape The contours that life help create For we are not defined by just one view But all that we encompass and go through

Light and dark make the portrait whole Each piece plays a part to complete the soul So open your eyes to the tones untold And let your true vision unfold

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