Pink Forest Digital Drawing Amelia Sophia |

Discover 'Purple Forest,' a unique digital art piece crafted with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop. Enjoy into its rich textures and colors. Available as 12x12 prints, metal prints, or artistic laptop cases. Elevate your space—purchase and experience joy and inspiration.

Pink Forest Digital Drawing  Amelia Sophia |
Digital painting / drawing by | Amelia Sophia

I made this in sketchbook pro and adobe photoshop. It started out as a doodle and I got a little carried away. I love drawing, I think it's a great way to unpack thoughts and ideas while practicing a skill. It's also so much fun.

The round brush and the smooth tool were my most used tools. I also like the blur brush in sketchbook pro- so I switch back and forth between photoshop and sketchbook often to get certain texture effects.

This drawing is weird and I like it! The colors make me feel happy and hopeful. I do hope to add more to it one day. But for now I'm pleased.

The Grove

Below dawn-kissed skies,
A magical grove emerges to view.
Trunks twist like ancient, wisened hands,
Leaves flutter, nature's applauding fans.

Sunlight filters down like liquid gold,
Bathing all in its warmth untold.
Shapes drift like morning's wistful haze
Through the grove's blossoming lavender sprays.

A haven where imaginative souls are born,
And joy abounds through the place.
Inspiration labors with care, increasingly,
Like the grove nourished by the old tree.

Let curiosity walk the winding trail,
Discovering what mysteries unveil.

Here, one's spirit feels peaceful and free,
In this wondrous, natural place.

A sanctuary for fanciful, creative hearts,
Where imagination weaves its art.
Come, let your vision roam unbound,
In this magical, pixilated natural surround.

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