Mountains | Watercolor Painting by Meelie

Mountains | Watercolor Painting by Meelie

Mountain Flow

As the river winds through valleys deep

Time rushes on while the world lies asleep
Awaken each morn to mist kissing the peaks
And pause to inhale the dawn before it retreats

Sit awhile, observe the day emerge and glow
A orchestra of sky, stone and water below
Each plays a note to rouse the weary soul
If you'll stop and listen to nature's call

Do not let the moments fade in haste
There is splendor here if you will taste
Open your ears to the music in the air
Beauty awaits for those who truly care

Slow your pace and let your eyes drink in
Savor each instant before it thins
Let the mountain seep into your core
And breathe in the joy of this moment more

Though the river rolls on ceaselessly

And the morning song of a new day stirs
Embrace the now, let it manifest
A power within to nourish your quest