Hearts & Flowers Digital Drawing | by Meelie

Hearts & Flowers Digital Drawing |  by Meelie
Hearts and Flowers | Digital Painting/ Digital Drawing by Meelie

Digital drawing is one of my favorite past times.

I see in fields of gray a garden of color
Though nothing blooms, I envision each flower
Conjuring with imagination's hue
I paint possibility across the barren view

Where others find emptiness, I see a story
Filling voids with tales of untold glory
My eyes blaze with the vivid tints they behold
Finding beauty where none else has yet unfolded

With brushstrokes of hope, I color the dark
Igniting sparks where no light embarks
Sowing patient seeds of faith to still grow
Envisioning the day hope's flowers may show

For I know in the deepest soils dreams take root
Though seasons may strain, new growth will fruit
If I hold to the vision of what could yet be
The canvas will bloom, vivid, alive and free

So I paint with faith, a tint at a time
Turning ashen to rainbows, knowing all will align
From bleakness will grow a garden so bold
If I but start with the first stroke of gold

For in mind the picture is already complete
It's simply a matter of making concrete
With belief as my brush, I'll make the dream real
And see the beauty I always knew it could reveal