Curls and Swirls by Meelie

Curls and Swirls by Meelie
Digital Doodling- Curls and Swirls by Meelie

Like most of my non- commissioned art, this one started off as a doodle. I found digitally doodling a very relaxing and freeing thing to do at this moment in time.

The road ahead coils out of sight
Twisting and turning beyond my plight
With no map to lead the way
I walk forward through night and day

Unsure where each bend will lead
Over hillsides, through forests and meads
But onwards I must press and roam

For this winding path is leading me home

Though shadows stretch across my track
And the way forward looks surely black
I'll let faith and hope be my guide
To walk with courage and head held high

The path turns right, left, dips down low
But steadily onward my feet shall go
With patience and grace I'll take life's cue
And see this winding journey through

Come rain or sun, whatever may pass
I'll follow this road, leaving my trust
That these curling turns happen for a reason
And will unveil life's meaning in season

So I walk on, no matter how swerved
Knowing that through each bend, I have learned
About myself and how to forge ahead
Down this winding path wherever it's led