Backyard Wonderland | Watercolor Painting by Meelie

Backyard Wonderland" by Meelie is a watercolor painting showcasing the magic and wonder of a transformed backyard. The piece invites viewers into a playful and imaginative world, highlighting the enchanting beauty and simplicity of nature.

Backyard Wonderland | Watercolor Painting by Meelie
Backyard Wonderland - Watercolor painting by Meelie

Started this watercolor painting ages ago when my children were little. We had the best times exploring the backyard and looking for cool bugs. Caught some toads with the cutest faces and butterflies that were way too big for their tiny hands. Even had races with caterpillars and worms!

I found making this extremely relaxing. Watercolor is underrated in my opinion. It's not easy at first to manipulate the pigment, but once you get the hang of it, it's so much fun! I hope to finish this one day...

Backyard Reverie

In this patch of earth, a kingdom awaits
Where imagination stirs beyond the gates
In the whispering grass, adventure abounds
Secrets await to be unearthed from the ground

With curious hands we delve and explore
Seeking the mysteries hid behind each door
Tiny wonders we uncover and befriend
As through this realm we wend and wend

Caterpillars inch across the earth

While winged miracles take first flight
And under rocks, peek froggy smiles
Each find a marvel, if we look a while

In this backyard canvas, colors come alive
Under imagination's brushstrokes thriving
Where once was bleak, now beauty thrives
In each creature that crawls and flies

Let us linger here, unfold each scene

Savor the gifts that lay unseen

In simple plots, enchantment grows
For those whose curiosity sows

The seeds of awe for the world abound
When we nurture wonder from the ground
And as time passes, may we recall

The magic glimpsed behind nature's veil

Where in a patch of grass, we found
A garden kingdom without bounds
And through curiosity's open door
Discovered life's marvels, forever more.